2 Ways to Whiten, 2 Ways to Save

At this time of year, many patients are looking for advanced whitening options. It’s wedding season, which is definitely a time when you want pearly whites to match the dress. No one ever asked for pearly yellows! It’s also a time for graduation parties, reunions and many other celebrations when we’d like our smile to be at its best.

This month is Future of Dentistry’s 25th anniversary, so we’re celebrating too. In honoutside-back page_CROPPEDor of the milestone, we chose whitening as one of our special offers. Throughout June, July and August, you can save on two of our best whitening treatments. Here’s a look at your options.

WHITE OVERNIGHT—LASER METHOD: If you’re looking for dramatic results on a short timeline, laser whitening is the way to go. This sophisticated yet gentle technology activates the powerful whitening gel we apply to your teeth. The appointment lasts only about an hour and provides you with a noticeably brighter, whiter smile. This is the ideal solution for those who want to dazzle on short notice. Take 25% off this treatment during the three summer months.

WHITE WHEN YOU WANT IT—CUSTOM TRAYS: Take-home whitening trays are your best bet if you’re looking for professional-grade whitening that’s more effective and faster than strips. We custom-fit the trays for you, for maximum coverage of your teeth. Since you take home the trays and gel, they can be used as often as needed — giving you control over how quickly you whiten and how often you wish to renew the results. You’ll save $25 on this service when you come in from June to August.

These offers are open to both new and current patients. Mention this offer when you book your appointment, and our team will apply the discount when you come in to the office.


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