Future of Dentistry, Future of Community

Just before the school year ended, our hygienist Cillen managed to fit in one more lesson. She visited the Columbus School in Medford to talk to the kids about dental care. Ms. columbus school medfordKarpowich has a great group of kids!

Our amazing hygienists are highly skilled and trained, but they’re also awesome in the role of “Dental Health Ambassadors.” Cillen makes the presentation really fun and interactive, with games and skits. For younger groups, she even brings two stuffed animals that have full sets of teeth, so kids can practice brushing on something fun.

If you’d like to have one of our clinical team talk to your school or organization, email lisa.futureofdentistry@gmail.com or call our office at 781-245-2299.

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Thanks, Lisa!

We had some wonderful visitors of our own recently! As you may remember, we’re doing a monthly giveaway for our “Share a Smile” program. Once a month, a patient is selected to receive a special thank-you gift.

We started the giveaways at the beginning of 2016, which is our 25th anniversary year. It’s our way of saying thanks to our amazing patients!

The gift is different every time. We present it to one of our many loyal patients, who’ve shown trust in us by referring their friends and family. Because we have so many fantastic

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Thanks, Lisa!

patients, anyone can win! Like our Facebook page to find out who the recipient is each month, at www.facebook.com/FutureOfDentistry.

This program also allows us to support local businesses. For example, in May a patient received a $50 gift card to Cibo Cafe & Bistro and a $50 gift card for Bellino’s — both local eateries with outdoor seating, perfect for a lovely spring day.

Thanks again to all our amazing patients!


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