10 Ways Dr. Casazza Is Like Santa Claus

This holiday season, it occurred to us that dentists are a lot like Santa Claus in some ways… especially Dr. Casazza! Here’s our list of the top 10 ways Dr. C is like Mr. C.

1) Knows if you’ve been bad or good. (So no pretending you’ve been flossing when you haven’t!)

2) Looks great with a beard.

3) His skills are famous.

4) He has a loyal team of helpers… and he’s taller than all of them.

5) His profession has been around for centuries, but he keeps things modern.

6) Will accept gifts of cookies and milk.

7) Kids love him.

8) All you want for Christmas is your two front teeth? Sure, he can do that.

9) Has his own workshop … and that’s where the magic happens.

10) His wife makes the best cookies around, and she’s great at holiday décor.

Reason # 6, will accept gifts of cookies and milk… like this one! It was a gift to the office, and FULL of delicious treats.

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